• Campaign Sista x Mirova Forward "If I was her" by Benjamin Gauthier & Jonas Pariente

  • Campaign Solidarité Femmes "This isn't a cat video" by Shirley Kohn

  • Campaign Sista "Alice au pays des merveilleuses entrepreneuses" by Shirley Kohn & Benjamin Gauthier

  • Mini documentary series "I will never be on a diet again" by Shirley Kohn

  • Campaign SIG x Social Builder "All equals" by Shirley Kohn

  • Campaign BPI France Le Lab "When I grow up"

  • Documentary "And they were happy yet" by Shirley Kohn

  • Founded in 2020 by Shirley Kohn and Camille Cottin, Malmö Productions develops documentaries and campaigns relating to important social issues such as women’s rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, equal opportunity, from a feminist & inclusive perspective. Malmö Productions drew attention with its recents works such as the campaign for Sista “If i was her” with Xavier Niel, François-Henri Pinault, etc… who has accumulated 6 million views.

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